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Rabbi Steve and Father Dan, 

        I hope you are both well and having a nice Friday! We wanted to reach out to THANK YOU both for being such an incredible part of our wedding. The ceremony was the best part of the day and truly could not have been more special. Everyone we spoke with throughout the rest of the evening and subsequent days could not stop talking about how beautifully you both captured and intertwined our respective beliefs and traditions - it was amazing! Really the best day of our lives.

        Thank you both so much for making this moment so wonderful for us. We look forward to keeping in touch and will never forget what an important role you played in us starting our life together on such a perfect note!

With Love, Caitlin and Alex


Hi Rabbi Steve, 

       I don't know why God has smiled upon me thus.  I often feel unworthy. It was such a wonderful day and the most important and beautiful part of Sunday was the ceremony. You guided us and the congregation through it with grace and interest. You have charisma and made the ceremony exquisite and engaging to all. Many people want your contact information. One person said, "I'm using him for anything important in the future."   I wish I was rich and I would have given you 10x the fee. You were amazing and warm and intelligent. Caroline and I know that spirits and God guide us and brought you to us.

       I will always remember you. 

Caroline and Ryan 

Dear Rabbi and Reverend,

     The wedding ceremony you conducted was beautiful and made unique and perfect for all of us by the relationship you developed with Talia and Ryan. 

      I hope you received the glow of our guests first hand. I was surprised (and wanted to share) that almost all our guests commented particularly on the ceremony and mentioned that you each taught and encouraged thoughts that expanded how they view marriage. That's quite a journey to take 200 people in 30 minutes. 

     Thank you for taking the time to meet and guide Talia and Ryan as they begin their married life together.

Joel (father of the Bride)

Hi Rabbi Steve!!!

     Chris and I just received all the pictures back from our wedding and wanted to share them with you!! We cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for us. Our ceremony was everything we could have ever imagined it to be!! We can't even tell you how many compliments we got on our ceremony and how beautiful it was!! You got rave reviews from everyone!! Chris and I, as well as everyone else mentioned how intimate the wedding felt even though there were 200 people there.

Thank you again for everything!!

Elissa and Chris

Hi Rabbi,

     I wanted to be sure and tell you how absolutely beautiful you made our ceremony. Everyone is raving about you. My non-Jewish guests could not believe how wonderful you are and how beautiful the ceremony was with you and Rev Gerry. We feel blessed that we were able to get you on such short notice. I told you how nervous and apprehensive Ed was about the ceremony but in the end he was blown away. He was also very proud of himself for breaking the glass. Thank you again for being an integral part of our amazing day.

All the best, Melayne and Ed

Dear Rabbi Meltz,

     Well Michelle and Frederick have been married for 11 days and they both still have stars in their eyes ( may it last forever). I don’t have the words to tell you how beautiful your ceremony was. Everybody asked “who were those guys, they were fantastic” and the education we all received was incredible; both you and Father Nelson made the service a very special occasion. One of our Jewish friends who attended and is also a pilot (don’t ask) saw Dennis today and he couldn’t stop telling him how wonderful you were!

Both of you were inspiring with historical references, definitions, and generally putting all of the attendees at ease with grace and respect for everyone’s observances.

Our Sincere Thank,

Louis & Dennis (the Mother and Father of the Bride)

Rabbi Meltz,

     You managed to create the most beautiful wedding service we have ever experienced and our friends kept commenting all evening, over and over, that they too felt that the ceremony was absolutely beautiful and perfect. You complement each other perfectly and brought out the very best emotions in all the guest at the wedding ceremony. Having the blessings spoken in Hebrew and then translated in English showed everybody that we are all so very similar in many ways. We may be of different faiths, yet we are very much alike. All of our friends, both Jewish and Christian, felt that it was the most amazing and beautiful ceremony they have ever experienced. You brought great joy to all in attendance.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Ted and Rosalie (The Mother and Father of the Groom)

Rabbi Meltz,

     I just wanted to send a very big “THANK YOU” from Paul and I for an amazing wedding ceremony. I can’t tell you how much we loved it and how much all of our guests enjoyed it. We have received so many compliments on the ceremony and especially comments on how great our Priest and Rabbi were! The whole ceremony was so beautiful and exactly how we imagined it. We were so glad to have you both be apart of it.

Warm Regards, Jackie & Paul

Rabbi Meltz,

     We literally just walked in the door from our honeymoon and you were the biggest priority to get in touch with. I want to start by saying my wedding was so amazing because of you. We of course had a wonderful time at the reception but the ceremony is the one thing that truly made our day as unforgettable as it was. You gave an unbelievable heartfelt and genuine ceremony. You meant every word you said and you could hear in your voice and see it in your face. Through the whole cocktail hour and reception people were coming over to me constantly saying if they were to get married again they would want you to do the ceremony. You touched every single person in that room and even people we wouldn't expect came over to us telling us they had tears in their eyes. You were able to bring two religions together so effortlessly and so beautifully.

Thank you so much for everything!! You really gave our wedding day the special meaning that people only dream about!!!

Love, Jen and Omar

Hi Rabbi,

      It would be hard to put into words how significant your understanding attitude, thoughtful insights, and professional demeanor were to the success of our marriage ceremony. We deliberately wanted just one officiant rather than one from each faith, so we placed you in a tough position, but you excelled at the execution of the service: you alleviated Kathy’s nervousness at standing in front of a crowd, managed to fit the ceremony into the time and configuration we needed, and excelled at making the non-Jews in our audience feel as included in the ceremony as the Jews. For Kathy's Catholic family, it was their first significant contact with a Jewish “man of the cloth” and the overwhelmingly positive comments we have received across the board are testimony to how well you represented the faith and our heritage.

Kathy And Ken

Dear Rabbi Steve,

     Just a quick note to say thank you for being our co-officiant at our wedding. We both loved how seemless the ceremony was and it meant a lot to us to have the Jewish traditions represented. We so enjoyed meeting you and we thought you and Rev. Icenogle got along famously! We would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat.

Love, Mary and Jim

Hi Rabbi Meltz!

     Thanks again for a most amazing ceremony! Everybody raved about it!! I hope all is well with you!!

Thanks again for being the best officiant ever!!

Hannah and Mike

Rabbi Meltz,

     Thank you so much for our wedding ceremony. We thought it was great and wanted to share a few photos with you.

Thanks again. Michael and Rebecca

Rabbi Meltz:

     Ian and I really appreciate the wonderful ceremony you and Father Rich created for our wedding. We received and are continuing to receive so much positive feedback from our guests. Many had not attended an interfaith ceremony before and really enjoyed it! I'm sure Ian and I will be in touch as our life together continues.

Many thanks! Kate and Ian

Good afternoon Rabbi,

     Just wanted to send along a note to thank you so much!! you really were wonderful, and made the ceremony so special. Everyone complimented us on our ceremony, saying it was one of the nicest interfaith ceremonies they had ever been to. Everyone adored you and loved what you said. My dad, the toughest critic of all, could not stop saying how nice it was, and how you made such a lovely ceremony. We can not thank you enough for making the most important part of that day that much more meaningful. Thank you again.

Warmest regards, Christina & Scott

Dear Rabbi Steve,

     We didn't get a chance to say it during the whirlwind of the wedding, but where so happy that you were a part of our special day. The ceremony was magical - Thank You.

With gratitude, Chris and Kate

Dear Rabbi Meltz,

     Jon and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing ceremony. It was everything we dreamed of and more. Thank You again...

With Love, Leigh and Jon

Hi Rabbi Meltz,

     You were amazing! Our friends and family can't stop talking about the ceremony. We've heard from many that it was THE best ceremony they've ever seen.

Thank you so very much for making our most special day even better than we could've imagined.

Warmest Regards, Katherina & Tommy

Hi Rabbi Steve,

     I just wanted to say thank you again. We watched the video and you were amazing. You spoke so clearly and elegantly and helped to make our ceremony and our day truly one to remember. Every one agreed and mentioned that everything from the Rabbi to the place was great so thank you. Very often some rabbis tend to drag it out but you performed it like no other so thank you again and if you don't mind when and if some of our friends get married or maybe even have baby namings (I know you don't do bris) but if they ask ill recommend you a 100 time over.. Hope all is well.

Take care... Dara & Jarrett

Dear Rabbi Steve,

     Thank you so much, not only for being a part of our wedding, but for helping us to make it so unique and special... We loved meeting you and feel so blessed to have had a service that meant so much to us both and captured our spirituality so perfectly.

Thank You!, Elizabeth & Ross

Dear Rabbi Meltz,

I can't thank you enough for being so wise and helpful and flexible and making our day so incredibly special. Emily & Chad

Dear Rabbi Steve,

     Thank You so much for your beautiful ceremony! Our guests were overjoyed by your kind words.

Love, Janine and Casey

Rabbi Meltz,

     Thank you so much for our wedding ceremony. We thought it was great and wanted to share a few photos with you. 

Thanks again. Michael and Rebecca

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