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About Me - My Bio

About Me - My Bio

    Though my search both began and ended with Judaism, by exploring the 

belief systems of many of the other prominent world religions I began a 

journey of self-discovery which continues to this day...

     I was blessed in my early 30's to meet and marry the ABSOLUTE love of my life, my wife Laura... my BERSHERT! (Yiddish; meaning: my intended or soul-mate) who happened to be Christian and who was raised with a very different set of beliefs from my own. It was during this time, while we ourselves were trying to find both a Rabbi and a Priest to perform our Interfaith Wedding, that I experienced first-hand the fears, difficulties and concerns the subject of Interfaith marriage can bring to the surface. My wife and I realized that what matters most, is the love we share and the promises and commitments we make to each other to work together in love and in faith. When you find that special partner with whom you are ready to share your life, you begin to truly understand the meaning of faith. In fact, it was my wifes' devout beliefs in her Christian faith that caused me to re-examine what it means to be a person of faith in a modern world...


     With my wife Laura's unwavering support and love, I came to the realize that I was meant to serve God, the Jewish community and the Interfaith community in a more profound and substantial way and in 2007, I was ordained as a Modern Reform Rabbi.


     If each of us is created in the image of God as the Torah teaches, then we are all to be respected for our beliefs and chosen paths.

     I would consider it an honor and personal blessing to assist you in the planning and celebrating of your marriage. I believe that in the modern and disconnected world in which we live, our traditions remind us of who we are and where we come from.


   I was raised from the early age of 11 in the ultra-Orthodox Chassidic comm-unity of Crown Heights, Brooklyn known as Lubavitch (also known as Chabad). It was there that I received a traditional Orthodox Jewish education, attending yeshivot (Jewish schools of learning) in both Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD. The beautiful insights and sometimes mystical experiences of a Chassidic up-bringing gave me a truly unique perspective on Judaism, but sadly a very narrow one. While still in my early 20's, I parted ways with the Orthodox in search of a more inclusive, tolerant and accepting form of religion.


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