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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you a registered officiant in NYC and the 5 Boros?

A. Yes, I am... My Officiant Registration # is 75292. 

Q. About how many weddings have you performed?

A. Since 2002, I have been blessed to have performed well over 1,000 weddings, initially as a Cantor and then as a Rabbi.

Q. How many of the weddings you have performed are Interfaith?

A. As there are still few Rabbis in the tri-state area who perform Interfaith marriages, my services are in demand. As a result, a large majority of the weddings I perform are Interfaith... however, I am a Reform Rabbi and do perform traditional Jewish weddings on a regular basis.

Q. Do you perform non-denominational and civil ceremonies?

A. Yes, I can and do perform all kinds of services. I can create a service that fits your needs... You need only ask.

Q. What are the fees for your services?

A. My fee varies depending on where and when your wedding is being held.. Most of the weddings I perfom are in the New York Metro area and can cover a very large area. I have performed weddings throughout the country... So please call or email me with the specifics and I will work with you to make sure your expectations are fully realized.

Q. How long have you been a Rabbi?

A. I was Ordained in 2007 by the Rabbinical Seminary International (RSI) located in New York City (see links) after completing a 5-year course of study under the world renowned Kabbalist Rabbi Doctor Joseph Gelberman (of Blessed Memory). I am also an ordained Interfaith Minister as well as an ordained Spiritual Minister since early 2007.

Q. Do you have a Congregation?

A. I am an affiliate Rabbi with Congregation Chavurah Beth Shalom of Alpine, New Jersey, and regularly conduct Shabbat services and as well participate in my congregations High Holy Day Services .

Q. Why do some Reform Rabbis refuse to perform interfaith weddings and you seem to have no problem with it? 

A. Having been raised in an ultra-Orthodox Chassidic community (see my Bio), I saw first-hand how people can be dismissed and shunned because they do not share common beliefs and I have dedicated myself to making the world more inclusive... I believe that religious traditions should be celebrated as they are a part of who we are and are a reflection of our values. I further believe that in God's eyes we are ALL equal...

Q. Can you recommend a Priest, Minister or Reverend to perform our wedding?

A. I have worked with truly amazing and gifted clergy of all faiths and would be honored to recommend any number of them, so please feel free to contact me.

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